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AB2 Consulting Inc. is a recognized consulting company, headquartered in Chicago, IL, focused on eCommerce consulting using all leading eCommerce platforms and providing a range of IT consulting services to small and medium-sized companies worldwide. However, we are not your typical consulting firm providing the same set of proven techniques and methodologies for success.

We are a constantly growing and evolving team of experts in many areas who become your partners in your IT department and help you discover, design and implement world class IT solutions for your organization. We can be there with you at every step of the way of your organization’s journey, from its inception and early development, by helping you to implement your ideas and make them a reality; to the latest stages of its lifecycle; by bringing newfound opportunities and assisting you in reinvigorating the enterprise.


We are unique in many ways, from our international and highly educated and experienced staff to our approach to problem-solving. We help to tip the scales in our clients’ favor by originating bold and unprecedented strategies that are unforeseeable by opponents. We then go even further by actually helping with the implementation of our advice and essentially moving the heavy pieces on the crowded boards of the market towards the client’s ultimate victory.

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