eCommerce Implementations

AB2 Consulting helps its clients implement comprehensive and robust technical solutions to realize their business models and vision. Some of the solutions that are developed are the tried and true solutions that can be implemented across different with little or no customization and in some cases the same solution has to be tailor-made to the specific needs of the client.

The permeation of the Internet and information technologies has rendered online presence imperative for any retail business to be a success. This has made eCommerce development one of the key areas of web application development services. The most ubiquitous models that software development companies adopt for eCommerce projects are Business-to-Consumer(B2C) and or Business-to-Business(B2B) solutions. 

Our company can develop B2C e-commerce solutions that are fully integrated with our client's existing business systems. Our experienced and talented staff have in-depth experience in eCommerce.


- eCommerce encompasses different areas as shown:

- Personalization.

- Multi-Channel Integration.

- Shopping Cart.

- Order Management.

- Fulfillment Integration.

B2B (Business-to-Business)

B2B is an eCommerce model requires that businesses build and maintain loyal and trusting relationships with their partners. It also entails tighter cooperation between business associates and streamlining of supply chain management and business transactions. By implementing B2B eCommerce solutions, we can organize their activities around a circle of trusted partners, cut down on operational expenditures and foster faster turnover. The selection of B2B web projects encompasses B2B marketplaces, online trading and bidding portals.

B2C (business-to-consumer)

B2C is an eCommerce model aimed at delivering business services and products directly to an end-user via B2C web application designed specifically for this purpose. This is the primary model used in a retail industry. 

To have a successful B2C site there are certain core principles that need to be understood by all the stakeholders.


Some of the B2C sites core business components are:


- Personalized Shopping Experience.

- Integration with Payment Gateway.

- Order Management Integration or Development.

- Warehouse and Supply Chain Integration.




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