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How The Global Job Market Will Look Like After The Pandemic

With the COVID19 pandemic sweeping across the world, the global economy and employment are being forced to face disastrous consequences. No matter if you’re planning to search for your first job or switch your existing job, most likely you keep on wondering what the post-pandemic future holds for you. Unfortunately, situations are being predicted to become highly difficult during and after the pandemic. A recent projection from the WTO (World Trade Organization) revealed that the world trade will experience a steeper fall than it had during the financial crisis in 2009. The OECD has also declared that unemployment is increasing rapidly.

It has become evident now that businesses that have survived the pandemic will most likely come back but with the learnings from the crisis. To cut things short, the job market after the pandemic will be considerably different from what it was before the crisis. So, will you be hired after the pandemic? And will the job be similar to what you deserve? The answer to both of these is “Yes” providing you know the sectors you should tap into. Here, we’ve identified a couple of sectors that we think would continue hiring people steadily in the post-pandemic world.

Sectors you should consider joining after the COVID-19 crisis

  • E-commerce: With social distancing becoming the norm steadily, there’s no doubt that focus on online purchase and doorstep delivery of products will continue to increase in the post-COVID world. In fact, businesses operating in this sector have already started experiencing a huge surge in their order volumes. This fundamental change in the consumers’ buying patterns would compel e-commerce businesses to reconsider the ways they communicate, build, and deliver buying experiences – all of which would be heavily dependent on perfect human plus machine models.

  • Healthcare: The pandemic has taught us why and how to maintain better personal hygiene and the practice will continue to be one of the top priorities in the future as well. With wellness and nutrition products experiencing skyrocketing sales, this trend isn’t going anywhere. The adoption of healthier living has already opened up a new world of opportunities for healthcare product manufacturers. We’re also observing a steady surge in demand for telemedicine. And in order to make healthcare services available, accessible, and affordable for the common people, we can expect to see a significant increase in employment opportunities in the field.

Wrapping up

While the availability of jobs in the actual post-pandemic world will heavily depend on how businesses plan to be successful and remain profitable, the above two sectors should shine even brighter. Job creation, as well as, job destruction are inherent parts of the economy and cannot be changed. And the key to success in the post-COVID job market will depend on how effectively you approach it.

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