Therapia is a complete hospital management system for small and medium-sized hospitals. It helps managing wards, beds, patients, pharmacy, inventory, and accounts.

  • What is Therapia?

    Therapia is a hospital management system for small and medium-sized hospitals. It's unique distributed architecture allows hospitals to use the software in little or no reliable internet environments, such as remote villages in developing nations and still working as a connected environment across all department.

  • Out-Patient Management

    Therapia automates the out-patient visits from registration to the completion of the out-patient procedures. It keeps track of all your patient's visits including vitals, consultation notes, and other activities including fee collection and accounting.

  • In-Patient Management

    Therapia automates the process of in-patient management starting from admission to discharge of a patient. In-patient automation includes

    • Admission

    • Transfer Ward

    • Consultation

    • Vital Recordings

    • Nursing Station Management

    • Discharge

  • Pharmacy Management

    Therapia automates your hospital's pharmacy records, such as purchase, sales, inventory, and accounting. It allows the doctors to send all prescriptions directly to the pharmacy. It also integrates with patients' accounts seamlessly.

  • Vitals Recording

    Therapia allows care providers to record the vitals of a patient any number of times regardless of the out-patient visit or in-patient visits. Therapia consolidates all recording and presents them in a graphical view for easy consumption.

  • Billing and Payment

    Therapia allows your organization to bill your patients effortlessly by collecting the details of every procedure and/or consultations and create a ledger for every patient regardless of whether they are in-patient or out-patient. It also tracks their payments and balances and reports on your daily billing, collection and outstanding summary.

  • Record Lab Results

    Therapia allows your caregivers to create a requisition for lab tests and record their results for in-patient and out-patient. It also organizes the data under one id for all your patients.

  • Ward and Bed Management

    Therapia automates the ward and bed management and tracks the activities of ward and bed usage.

  • Inventory Management

    Therapia automates the inventory of all items in your hospital at every level including store, pharmacy, and nursing station, and records the consumption of products at every step.

  • Nursing Station Management

    Therapia automates the activity of any nursing station and record every activity of caregivers and maintain the inventory of products at the station. It also create reminders of each and every procedure for the caregivers.

  • Staff Management

    Therapia automates the management of your hospital staffs (employees) including Doctors, Nurses, Care Takers, Technicians and Specialists. It also allow them to access the system at appropriate level of access through our custom access management solution

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