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30 Years


We have the know-how you need.

IT Staffing

AB2 technology staffing specialists work closely with employers to understand their business needs and objectives and make the right technology consultant match for your organization.


Ideation is about exploring the possibilities and discovering new opportunities. We help our customers to develop any idea into reality. AB2 ideation services are designed to surpass your product team’s current ideas to find innovative products, features, and services that will drive your vision and acheive your objectives faster.


AB2 Consulting Inc. is a global technology development firm that offers industry-leading services for many information technology disciplines. We develop and manage high quality, high-value software and business processes by leveraging the best in class people, processes and technologies, We do software outsourcing services to independent software vendors and enterprises maximizing their ROI.


AB2 development practice works with many of the leading technologies such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, IBM and etc.AB2 practices digital transformation, ecommerce, content management, desktop, web and mobile application development. Our team of experts can help you throughout the discovery/inception, design and implementation phases of any initiatives for our clients. 

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