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Equals is a full-featured automation software for any wholesale/retail organization. Equals can be installed in your organization and automate your organization's transactions with ease. 

It empower business owners' efficiency by automating their business using cutting edge technology, so they can focus on what matters most for their business. We have put Business owners at the center of our Software Development. We have dedicated the last 30 years to make technology more useful and beneficial for small and medium businesses. We always embrace the scenarios and problems faced by business by providing better solutions using technology and help businesses helping you grow your business.

Financial Accounting

Equals offers financial accounting for any small and medium-sized business. It allows you to manage accounting at multiple organization/branch/cost center level accounting. Also provides many MIS reports to run your buisness effectively.

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Accounting Documents

Account Management

In equals, you can manage all your customer, supplier and general accounts across your branches and cost centers. Equals can give you an 360 degree view of your financicals of your account at any time.

Sales & Purchase

Equals offers you the full funtionality of Sales/Purchase and return management of your organization reagarless of you run either selling a goods or service. It allows you to hadle any type of promotions and discounts.

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Catalog Management

Equals offers a complete product information management system. It allows you to defined the product hirarchy through it easy to navigate interface. Allows you to define attributes to multiple product and services through it categorization

Inventory Management

Equals offers robust inventory management system for single or multi organization, location, branch and cost center level. It allows inventory at multiple warehouse and stores.

Checking Inventory
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